Nuna is 8 inc tall.
 It is made by hand of polymer clay with firing - "Fimo Miniature Doll Clay" without using a matrix.
 She is single copy and can not be reproduced in any way.
Her hair is from silk, which is embedded in the clay.
 The eyes were made simultaneously with the sculpting of the head, hand painted.
 The body is wired in all its parts with strong wire, including fingers.
 Her jacket is made of silk, hand woven in the end of 19th century.

Nuna is Nestinarka. Nestinars are people, dancing on embers.
Fire dancing is a ritual, a ritual dance on embers, carried out by the ancient Thracians.
Dancers dance on the fire without burning their feet.
If they throw something into the fire during their dance, it also doesn’t burn. When they carry sick children through the fire then they recover.
Nuna has actually existed in Bulgaria young woman during the 19th century. Legend has it that a pretty Bulgarian girl was requested by a Turkish noble man to marry him, but she was very difficult to refuse him directly because at that time Turkey was occupied Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people in the European part of Turkey were treated like slaves. So she answered that she would marry him, but only if he dance together with her on the fire. However he was afraid to walk on the burning embers, then he got ashamed  nd left, so Nuna did not become a Turkish bride.
UNESCO officially recorded the fire dancing as a world intangible heritage, this tradition to be transmitted through the centuries. It is preserved today and is practiced in Bulgaria. You may see the video of the ritual here:

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